Applying for visitor visa outside of home country after the 1st visitor visa expired


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My mom held a multiple entry, 10 year validity US visitor visa and during this 10 years she visited US multiple times and returned within 6 months on each of her visits.

Now her visitor visa has expired (about an year ago) and we are planning to apply for her new visitor visa.


She is currently staying at Singapore. Our homecountry is India.


Can we apply for her visitor visa from US consulate in Singapore?

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If she is a resident of SIngapore, she should review the requirements for visa application by a third country national at that consulate.


A restamping is not guaranteed. The fact she appears to be living outside her home country (especially if she is not s permanent resident there0, could pose a problem. A consultation with a US immigration attorney in Singapore to review the complete circumstances would be worthwhile.

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Thanks t75 and omshiv for you replies.


Mom has been in Singapore on a valid visitor visa (as we have family member there).


We do not have any immediate family member in India anymore.

Now I am wondering how to show ties with the home country when applying for visa.

Does that fact that she never overstayed in US on her visitor visa have any weight-age in getting the visa next time?

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An individuals travel history can have positive as well as negative effect on restamping.


However, her lack of ties to India at this time and an extended visit looking like residency elsewhere could have an adverse effect.


I again suggest a consult with an attorney (not an agent).

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