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Hi All, I am in the same situation. 

Clint A : Sep 2011. Renewal done.

Moved to CLIENT B. (Filed LCA 2 weeks later)

Moved to CLIENT C.(Filed LCA 2 days later)

While at CLIENT C, got a random verification call and send her(uscis) the LCA filed for CLIENT C, w2, paystubs.

Moved to CLIENT D(Filed LCA 2 days later) in dec, 2012.

Got my Amendment done at CLIENT D. Went for stamping and back to US Successfully.


Recently June, 2011, my employer received NOIR for the petetion filed in 2011.


Since I have the amendment done in dec, 2012, will I be in status if they revoke 2011 petition?

If they revoke, do they revoke my amended petition as well? (Please let us know if you have heard any case like this as well)

do you suggest change the employer?


In the NOIR, in the last page it says the following.
"Alternatively, should the beneficiary no longer be employed by your company, please provide a letter of withdrawal per Title 8 CFR 214.2(h)(11)(i)(A)"
I am not sure what is going to happen in the following scenario
step 1) employer/Attorney Replies the NOIR
step 2) I Change my Employer (H1 Transfer)
step 3) Once I successfully transferred, then my employer withdraw effective that current date(let us say in Nov, 2014) but before they(uscis) make a decision on NOIR.
Will the NOIR be Closed automatically without revocation?
Will they still continue to see the evidence that we provide and make decision based on that(even the petition is withdrawn by employer effective in Jul, 2014)? 
In case if revoke happened, will it impact my Approved(sometime in March 2012) I-140 because I had the I-140 approved while in that petition(2011).

I have renewal(Which will be my 7th year extension) in these two months.


Thank you.

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