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I came to the USA for a Masters in 2008 and after graduating worked on OPT for 4-5 months. I had been awarded a 12 month OPT but I cut it short and transferrred to a PhD program on a F1. After the PhD program I worked for the about 10 months. Now I am transferrring into a terminal masters in a slightly different field.


My question is since I did not utilise the full 12 months at the Masters level would this count as splitting of the OPT i.e. will I get the remaining 7-8 months of OPT after the second Master's?


My DSO is not sure. I have been searching but havent found anything so far.


Anyone with a similar experience or knowledge of how this is viewed by the USCIS?


Thanks in advance


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  • 3 weeks later...

It is simply not possible.

I've a person has gotten 12 months of OPT for one educational level, the person can only get OPT for a higher educational level. Since the PhD is the highest level, no more OPT is possible. And any old OPT is gone when a person enrolls in another college program.

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