I-539 Processing time for I-94 Extension


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I am on H4 Visa which is valid until sept 30 2015. As my passport expires on July 23 2014, my I-94 was given to me at port of entry until the same date.


I will be getting my renewed passport by july 1st week. I am staying in south florida currently. Hardly two weeks will be left after I get my new passport.


Question : If I apply for my I-94 Extension through form I-539 how much time it should take.  What should I do If the processing exceeds July 23 ( I-94 Expiry day). Any one has any recent experience with I-94 Extension thru I-539 ? Can you share your timelines please ?


Other option - To fly out and come back - Bahamas seems to be the only option .


Please advice.







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And within how many days should I get the receipt number and is it online or a postal paper receipt ?


As my I94 Expiry is on July 23 2014, I can apply for I539 by July 7th so can I expect receipt by July 22nd or 23rd, if not what should I do ?



Normally you will receive in a week or two.

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