Use of Old EB2 Perm approval/PD usage


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Hello all,

I am in 6th year of H1B and my visa is going to expire in Feb2015.

My current employer is filing my EB2 Perm labor this month.

Earlier I had my EB2 Perm filed in Aug2007 and got approved in Jan 2009.

But due to some reasons, I left to India without applying I-140.


Is there a way I can use the Old approved EB2 Perm during my new filing or is it of any use by any kind in helping me getting GC faster.

What is PD in my case, can I use that in porting to the new filing of labor/140 now.


Do you think my Perm gets approved by Feb2015 and i get to apply I-140 for filing 3 years extension.


Attornys please provide your feedback.




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Thanks JoeF,

Do you think I will be safe side applying now for EB2 given the timeframe, do I have the bandwidth to thru I-140 by Feb2015.

Will the USCIS system can know my prior EB2 approval data, so that i can get approval soon to make way for I-140.


I am just thinking on the plan B would be, I need to go back to India until I-140 gets approved and my employer applies for 3 year extension??? 


Pls advice if there are any alternatives.


thanks so much.

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