N-400 change to married name, GC and passport in maiden name


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Hello Folks,

I am getting ready to file my N-400 and needed some guidance on how to handle name change for my wife.

Here is some bacground...

My wife has her GC, Passport, DL, SSN and all other documents in her maiden name.

When applying for her citizenship, she would like to change to using her married name.

Few question when filling in N-400 from people who are in the similar situation as to what are the correct answers.

1) In my (Husband's) N-400 what should I mention under my wife's Current legal name. Will it be her married name or the maiden name per her GC and other docs. Note that we want to use married name for her citizenship application.
(I would think it would be her married name since she can choose to use that name legally by law)

2) What will be my wife's legal married name here in US? Will it be <GIVEN NAME> <MARRIED LASTNAME> or I can use <GIVEN NAME> <HUSBANDS NAME> <MARRIED LASTNAME> as is the custom in my family.

3) In my wife's N-400 app. under her current legal name can she mention her married name and mention her maiden name as it appers on GC under "Your name exactly as it appears on permanent resident card"? Will this be enough for the naturalization cert to be issued in her married name or I will have to use the "Name change" section.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

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