RFE for my H1B Application


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I am working for one of the state projects through some implementation partner.


The contract between the state and implementation is fixed bid project. so the State is not responsible for any kind of documentation for any immigration issues.In LCA my employer mentioned the client name as Implementation partner name and location as the same as State project location as I am working from that location.I didn't mention any other documents related to State in the application. I have included time-sheets , emails , ID card etc with implementation partner name.


Now in the RFE USCIS requested to submit a client letter from the State and PO between the implementation partner and State. but my implementation partner is not willing to provide the PO. 

Could you please let me know how USCIS found out that I am working with State even I have mentioned all the documents related to Implementation partner.


What are the documents I can provide to USCIS to show that I am not directly working with State and only Implementation partner is responsible for any immigration documents.


I would really appreciate your help.





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Don't think they are stupid. They can find out a lot of things.

Trying to hide stuff is always a bad idea.

You need the client letter from the state. Fixed bid or not is irrelevant for immigration.

And in any case, your employer's lawyer needs to handle this, not you.

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