Applying for my mom's visitor visa after 2 rejections


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Hi everybody,


I am an Indian citizen working in the US on OPT  (currently on STEM extension), which began when I graduated from graduate school with a PhD in computer science in May 2013. Until then, I was in the US for 5 years on an F1 student visa. I have applied for an O1 visa, which is currently being processed.


I would like my mother to visit me for a couple of months. In the past, she has applied for a visitor visa (once in 2010, and once in 2011), and was rejected both times under Section 214(b). Here are the relevant details about her case:


* She is a widow.

* She is now over 60 years old (she was under 60 years old at the time of the previous two rejections).

* She lives in a rented apartment in Mumbai.

* She has a good bank balance, investment portfolio, etc.

* She is a housewife.

* I am an only child, i.e., I do not have any siblings.

* Both times, she opted to self-sponsor.

* Consequently, I did not send an I-134 affidavit of support.


In both interviews, the consular office did not look at any documents she brought, but just asked a few questions about what I do and about her financial situation. The officer then summarily rejected the visa, and gave her the standard 214(b) letter.


So the questions I have are:


* What things can I change to improve her chances at getting a visa?

* How much difference might it make if she were to own her apartment?

* Would it help if I provided an I-134? Or is better for her to continue self-sponsoring?

* I have read the FAQ about letters from senators/congressmen. In this particular case, how likely are they to help?


Any assistance in this regard would be appreciated. Let me know if I should provide further details about any aspect.




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No Congressman knows your mother to attest to her circumstances. They cannot order that a visa be issued.


She can apply again, however, it looks like you intend to make the US your home and she has little reason to return to India after her visit since she own no property and you are an only child.


She should speak with a US immigration attorney near her home for a review of her situation and a realistic evaluation of her likelihood of getting a visa.

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