Need Urgent Advice - First H1 Revoked, Applied for Parallel Multiple H1B Transfers before revocation. Will I have any issues?

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I worked for Company A with H1B from Oct 2012. It has visa and i-94 expiry date of may 21st 2014. Due to some reason, the company is closing down and company owners asked everyone to choose different companies, I chose Company B and Company C and Company B applied Premium Processing and one applied for normal processing before revocation. I applied for multiple H1B Transfers just to be safe. Now Company B H1B premium processing got RFE and they are working on it. Will it affect my H1B Process with Company C in any way? I'm currently working for Company B with receipt notice.Now I got another job opportunity from Company C. Could you please let me know if I can work for Company C for the same current job by changing my PO contract and work for Company C until I get to know the status of H1B from Company B. Does the status of H1b (rejected/denied) for Company B affect the status of H1B with Company C as it is pending right now (receipt notice there as it is normal processing)



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