I-140 File with company Tax file documents--please help


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I have an approved I-140 from company A back from 2007, now I am with company B  on EAD. Company B filed PERM LCA and was approved in Apr 2014. My lawer was going to request my old PD from employer A (04/20/2004 - EB-3 India) when he file for I-140 old PD (inter filing). Before lawer submit petition he was going through company's last year (2013) tax file documents and lawers seems the numbers are not that great to get I-140 approved so we have to wait until 2014 tax file --- Is this true company need to supply tax file returen with I-140 petition?


Another thing PERM LCA is getting expire in Sept 14 so lawer is planing to file just couple of week before it under reguar processing without tax document.


Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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The attorney is in the best position to determine strategy based on information you are unlikely to have available to you. He does not want to lose the employer as a client and will represent them in the best way possible even if it includes delays in the filings on your behalf.

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