8th year of H1B, Approved I-140 from previous employer


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Hi All, here is my situation:


a) Approved I-140 from my previous employer(Employer A) in my 6th year of H1B. 

b) Was offered a Full Time at (Employer B), so  transferred and applied H1-extension for 3 more years based on I-140 from previous (employer A. )

c) Since then Employer B did not start my GC processing, whenever they wanted to start my PERM, they do Layoff Analysis and get stuck there.


Since i am in my 8th year now, i am worried the new (Employer B) wont even start my GC till 9th year, which is risky.


what are my options?


1) Can the new 'Employer B', get a second H1-B Extension for me based on I-140 from 'Employer A'?

2) In the meantime I heard Eb2 dates are moving ahead, if the dates become current , can my Previous 'Employer A' file for my EAD? or do i have to be a current employee for them to file my EAD?



Any advice is appreciated?





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