Education On H4 & Conversion Of H4 to F1


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I have questions regarding education of spouse in USA on H4 Visa, My wife will be here on H4 in next 6 months and i am on H1, i have few questions


1. What is the admission process for H4 (i mean about the financial assistance documentation that we provide for the college to get admission, do we need to show bank balance in USA for that or we can show balance in indian accounts also)

2. Will she be eligible for in-state tuition fees since she is on H4 (but i saw fee forums where they say they need to stay atleast 1 year on H4 to get in-state tuition fees)

3. Can we convert H4 to F1 during the course work, if yes then will the courses that she studied be valid after she will be on F1, also will she be able to get OPT after graduation.

4. Can we apply for I539 (change of status to F1) while she is in India. (so by the time she come here she can be able to study with out wasting time if we dont get in-state waiver)

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On H4, there is no financial stuff to show.

In-state tuition depends on the state. The rules are state law, and idffer from state to state. Also, they only apply to public universities. For details, your spouse would have to talk with the registrar at the university.

A COS is by definition only possible while in the US. Outside the US, a person doesn't have a status to change (COS is Change Of Status.)

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A H4 student will NOT be granted in-state tuition without meeting residency requirements. That is an unreasonable expectation for her to receive more benefits than USCs. If you do not like it, she can study elsewhere. In some states your residency will count but in others she must be able to prove her physical presence (lease, DL, ...).


READ THE FORUM. You other questions have been answered repeatedly.

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