Successful stamping in Jamaica


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Thanks to all people for posting their experiences about stamping, it helped me alot.




ME : GM Officer

VO: GM, give me your passport, i797, W2, I129 and letter stating you responsibilities.


VO: Where you work ?



VO: Where you live ?



VO: How long you been working there ?

ME: XX months


VO: W2, location is different, what were you doing in  xx state ?

ME: I told that i used to work for different client, client name.


VO: How long you worked there?

ME: XX months


then VO asked me about the current location, and about the famous busy road name

i answered.


VO: Its looks like you are in US since quite a long time.

ME: answered.


VO: What were you doing all these years?

ME: Told about Masters, opt, H1 and now H1 extension.


VO: Do you get fixed salary ?

ME: Yes


VO: Do you get bonues too ?

ME: Yes


VO: Any issue with employer ? Are they paying you on time ?

ME: Nope, yes they are paying me on time.


VO Typed something for a while.. And took my pp and client letter and gave me red slip (small one) with day and time to visit consulate.


That's it. Went to consulate on that date and collected my pp. Everyone got approved on that day around 20+ people.


i stayed at liguanea club, its average place to stay.


Cab drivers are awesome, they will take care of you very well, where ever you wanna go they will take you with reasonable price. Really enjoyed my stay in jamaica.


cab contact : Bernard (876-581-8511) and Reid (876-420-7102) best way to contact them using whatsapp from US.


Hope this help everyone.







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