H4 - 221g issued for my spouse


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My wife had been to Chennai consulate for her H4 visa and her interview was on May 15th 2014. The consulate asked questions related to her thesis work and work experience and research work. (wife is from Micro Biology research background). They took her email id and emailed us list of questions related to her work and research work. 


We submitted the docs on May 19th and still waiting on reply from US consulate. From May 19th to till date we received additional emails from consulate saying we have not received documents for VISA processing even after submitting electronically as they requested.


As of today we have submitted the docs 5 times and have not heard from Consulate.


Any idea or suggestions on what I should do?


I have called the customer care 3 times and the response is bad. I was also advised not to use drop box since the consulate asked my wife to email electronically. 


Please let me know what to do.



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