Working at Company-A and GC from Company-B


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I am at 4.5 years of my H1 stay and working for company-A on full time. My employer not ready to sponsor for GC for some reason but they have a job for me. I wanted to do GC process independent of company-A.

Question 1 - Can I start my GC process from Company-B while I am still working for Company-A, Company-A is holding my H1, I will be working on Company-A payroll?


If Ques1 answer is yes, I have my next H1 renewal at 5.5 years (Aug, 2015). Assuming that I'll get I-140 from Company-B before apply for renewal (ie., Aug 2015)

Question 2 - Can I go with H1 visa renew with Company_A providing I-140 from Company-B at my 5.5 year tenure of H1? 

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Appreciate your answers,

Question 2, a. I understand that, H1 renewals can be continued with Company A after 6 years H1 tenure also where as Company-B holds I 140, please confirm. 

As long as you have an I-140 approved with any employer your H1B petition can be extended with any employer beyond 6 years.

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