Expired H1-B petition based on I-140 approval


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I am working with same organization for 11 years.  I came to USA on H1-B visa in April’2003 and returned to India in Aug’2008 (Total - 5 Years 4 Months). My H1-B petition was valid till July’2009, so I have not consumed around 10 Months of H1-B Visa to max out 6 years.


I stayed in India for 15 months ( Sep’2008 – Nov’2009).  I reentered the United States on L1-B Visa in Nov’2009. My company started Green Card processing on L1-B Visa and had an approved PERM and I-140.  As max out period 5 years on  L1-B visa is Feb’2015 , the company applied for COS (change of status) to H1-B under the FY 2015 H-1B Cap-Subject Petition based on I-140 approval to continue my stay in United States, but my H1-B application is not picked up in lottery.


The question is - Can my organization activate / extend my first H1-B which was not consumed entirely for 6 years based on the I-140 approval ?

What are the options to continue stay in United States.


Thanks a lot for suggestion/expert comments in advance


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