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We have returned to India in 2010. We have a daughter who is born in the USA. My Visa was expired in 2010. Even though my Wife still had valid visa, as a family we returned back. At that time, My daughter's passport was stamped with India travel visa. It is valid until January 2015. After the visa stamping, my daughter got her PIO card. My Wife is traveling back to USA this month. I am planning to travel in the month of August. 


Do I need to make any additional arrangements for my daughters travel? As she has valid stamping until Jan 2015 (passport is also valid until Jan 2015), I am hoping that she can travel.

As she also has PIO card, do you think she needs additional documentation. In 2010, as soon as we arrived, we have registered her details in Foreigners Registration Office.


Kindly respond with valuable suggestions.


Thank you.

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