H1B Stamping in Jamaica With DUI Conviction and Dischaged


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I had DWI arrest in February 2012 and convicted as misdemeanor in december 2012 . I have completed the required things to dismiss it and it was dismissed 6 months back. I do have a required documents like Court copy, Probabtion discharge etc.  I have planned to go jamaica for my first H1B Visa stamping on June 17th. will this delay my visa stamping?, will this create any problem at the jamaica immigration check, as i heard that jamaica will give a visa on arrival.


Please help me, if any one have suggections or answers.




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If it is too delay you have to plan alternatively because locally you can stay maximum two to four weeks depends on entry transit and I know recently one person visa got rejected and then he went Panama from there he applied Germany transit visa and then went to India, because there are no direct flights between Jamaica and Asian continent.

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My friend who has attended the  interview on Nov 14 2014 has the same situation, he has a DUI charge. He was asked to take the medicals and he submitted the documents on Nov 20th . They just asked to check the status in The tracker which shows administrative processing. Could you please advise on how  many days it is going to take and some pointers on this situation would be very helpful
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