Business Travel from United States to U.K


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I am Jai. I am currently on F-1 Visa OPT STEM Extension and it expires on Dec 2014. I have an H-1B approved and it starts on October 1st. I am required to travel to United Kingdom on business for a week to 10 days during July 2014. Am I eligible to travel? If so can you send me the references from USCIS website for clarity. I referred to the ************* website and here is the link.


The item number 6 in the link is more applicable to me. It clearly states that I am allowed to travel to foreign land and return to united states before my h-1b commences. However , it also mentions that I should justify to the immigration officer at the port that I would not be a potential immigrant to the United States. I am not sure how that question can be answered when I am in a transitionary state with current student visa and an approved h-1b. In most real life scenarios of people like me it will be either one of these current active visas. How will I answer this question ? As I will be entering united states after a business trip from U.K ,I feel that I will definitely face this question to prove that I am not a potential immigrant to the united states. 


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