H1b Transfer : Still in Acceptence state after 10 days


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H1b filing center - VERMONT SERVICE

H1b filing mode - Premium


H1b filing date - 05/21/2014

H1b received date (shown on site) - 05/23/2014


H1b Status as of now (06/02/2014) - Acceptance


Can any one guide me what should I expect ? RFE or approved

15 calendar days is the processing time. Website is not regularly updated.

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Same case with me. Mine was filed on the 10th June. I still see it in Acceptance state. Going by the calendar days, I cannot expect a reply before the 25th. Even if its an RFE will I know only after 15 calendar days? Please let me know.

If it is a RFE you will know within 15 calendar days.

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Mine got approved today. Looks like Vermont service center doesn't promptly update the status online. It was in acceptance for 9 days and on the 10th calendar day it moved to approved. From ********.com i figure 10 days is Vermont center's processing time for h1b premium transfer. Thats how it happened in my case too. Good luck for others :)

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