error in I94--- h1b extn is nearing


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Hello All,

i have few questions regarding my I94  and appreciate your response on this.


 i have entered US on H4 visa  in march 2013. H4 visa was  stamped on my passport till august 2014. But  at the port of entry i got my I94 till Apr 2016 as per  my spouse H1B validity.


Later i have applied COS to H1B and started working from oct 2013.  I have received my I797A with I94 attached with expiration date of Sep30 2014. But it does not carry any number on it. I immediately bought this to my employer attorney and  she said that we can apply  to correct I94. But now she is saying that  that is not a problem at all.


My  H1B is expiring in next 3 months and i want to know will it create a any problems during H1 extn?  iam also looking for other opportunities. So is it possible to do H1B transfer without I94 number on my I797A.


currently i have my  paper I94 which shows that i have entered  as H4 and validity till apr 2016.










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