Applying for j1 waiver for Physicians with the new guidelines. Please guide!!


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I am currently doing my residency on J1 visa, and will be starting a 1-year fellowship (again on J1 visa) in July 2014 -- which will finish in June 2015.


As I needed a new SON (statement of need) prior to starting this fellowship, I had to go through the whole process of signing the 5 lakh rupees bond and sureities as per the new guidenlines for J1 physicians.


But, I am really confused as to how I can apply for a J1 waiver job starting July 2015????


Because the Indian Embassy website clearly says that "According to the new Guidelines, henceforth, No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) would not be issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH&FW) under any circumstance."


Anyone who is planning to apply for a waiver job next year -- can you please kindly guide me???


I have just started loking for I understand that most states fill their 30 slots by september...


I am really confused and feeling quite stressed...can anyone please guide me!


Thanks in advance!!



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Chill out dude! This is where the USA demonstrates its supremacy. It does not give a damn to any objection by any country that is not in favor of its own people. If they have trained you in medicine they will need you to serve its own people, come what may. So to make the long story short, you DO NOT need NORI for filing in any waiver category other than the category of 'no objection from home country'. IMGs are not eligible to file waivers in this category anyways so nothing has changed by implementation of this law.

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