Validity of H1b application.


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Friends ,

I need some help . A friend of mine has applied for h1b long ago and got approved. The i797 says h1b was approved from 01-Oct-2008 to 30-Sep-2011. But for some reason he never went for visa and he was never in USA today .


My questions are


1. Can he reapply for h1b with out going through the cap and lottery system ?

2. Is the h1b going to expire by 30 sep 2014 ( which is 6 years from the day its issued). If it going to expire then he has to apply for another approval before 30-sep-2014.


I remember if we were on h1b for 6 years in USA and you dont applied for GC then youhave to go back to your country stay there for 1 year and apply for h1b at that point you have to go through the cap .



All he and me want to see if he can use his old h1b approval and skip the lottery system or not ?.




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