H1B 2nd time extension and Title change With Approved I -140


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Hi ,


    Here is my situation .    


  • On H1b since Aug 2006
  • My GC was applied in July 2010 on  Job Title  as Software Engineer 
  • Have approved 140 .
  • Promoted to Senior/Lead Software Engineer 
  • Got my first H1b extension in 2012 with no issues
  • Last year 2013 , I was promoted to Software Manager but my duties are same as  Senior Software Engineer and 10 to 20 percent of management.
  • Now my 2nd H1B extension  is coming up in November 2014.


  • My Manager is adamant on applying with new title and new job description for my H1b extension , will I get query for the H1b extension ?
  • What is the impact on my GC if I apply with new title and job description showing additional responsibilities
  • Can I  apply for H1b extension using old job title and still work with new title in the company ?
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