G-56 form/meeting for N-400 application?


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   My wife is currently applying for citizenship (N-400) through marriage to me (a U.S. citizen). We just got a form G-56 saying to come in for an appointment in a few weeks to our local USCIS office, with the reason for the appointment being "Interview on N-400 (sworn statement)" and to bring with us: the G-56 letter, her green card, and her passport.

   Has anyone ever gotten something like this in the past? We've already applied, and she's actually already had her interview, where she passed the civics and English tests, and which ended with the officer telling her that her biometric didn't go through (for the second time), and that she needed to go get police reports saying she had a clean record from the towns she'd lived in for the past five years and to submit them. We dropped those off, and then we got a notice saying that due to her name change (done through marriage, before the green card or citizenship applications) that she'd have to get records for her old name as well. We did that, and now have gotten this G-56 notice.

   Before our imaginations run too wild, has anyone else gotten something like this? We're trying to figure out what it could be for. Thanks for any advice anyone might be able to lend.






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So to follow up on this, this was just a simple meeting through the local office (G-56 = an appointment with the local USCIS office) to take a sworn statement saying my wife wasn't a criminal, hadn't been arrested, etc. It was all part of the process since she'd had two failed biometric/fingerprinting appointments. So nothing major. Hope this info help someone else. : )

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