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hello everyone,

My EB2 priority date is April 7, 2007. I am getting married on July 10 in India and was planning to apply for my future wife to my application (not sure about the right term) when my priority date becomes current. I was originally planning to return mid august. I understand i cant apply for my future wife till I get back here with her since I have to submit latest I-94, marriage certificate etc.. Will it still be ok for us to travel back by early august or in case if the priority dates become current next month, should I come back before end of July??

Also when the august bulletin says the dates will be effective august, does it mean they will start considering the application in the beginning of august or the date of release of bulletin?

Also, if we dont come back till mid-august and the dates are current what will happen to our application??

I understand its a long question, any help is appreciated, Thanks for your help in advance....

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