H1B Visa Stamping-Success


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Firstly, Thanks to this forum for valuable inputs. Me and my wife both got H1 Visa stamped successfully @ Kingston, Jamaica on 5/19.


Appointment time: 9:30AM

Arriving at consulate 30 minutes before the appointment time is sufficient as per my experience.


My Interview:


VO: Who is your employer where is it located and what is your role?

Me: Answered


VO: Annual Salary?



VO: Do you work for any Client and location of client?

Yes and told the location.


VO: Where do you live?



That's it. VO told me to collect passport two days after.


Similar questions were asked to my wife. 


All the best for people who are planning to attend the Visa interview in Jamaica. Its a beautiful place and had some good time.

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