[urgent] Getting laid off while on H1-B and I-140 approved


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I am in a weird spot where I am getting laid off from my current employer of 5 years.

I am currently on H1B  (valid till next year ) and my green card priority date is of 2011 with my I-140 done.


My question is that what are my options as to stay in valid status in the country before I get a new job ( I am actively interviewing and hopefully land with a new job soon ) :


1) Is it possible to move to visitor visa status since my I-140 is already done and then get 6 months time to look out for a new job ? In this case, after i get hired, how do I move back on my H1B ?


2) Since I am already interviewing and waiting for interview results, should I move back to India, let my new employer transfer my H1B, I then get it stamped in India and then enter USA ?


3) Should i transfer my H1B to a consulting agency for the meantime until i get hired full time by a new employer ?


4) Can i move back to F1 visa and file OPT ( which was never filed ) ?


Responses and any help will be greatly appreciated



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