J1 waiver-the curse is finally removed


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My J1 waiver timeline (DOS/USCIS stage):


Submitted forms to WRD (in Saint Louis): Feb 25, 2014


Went to Indian embassy in DC: Feb 26, 2014


Form DS-3035 Received: March 13, 2014


No Objection Statement Received by DOS: March 26, 2014


Request for Sponsor Views Sent: (did not get this)


Sponsor Views Received: NA


Favorable Recommendation Sent: April 22, 2014


DOS 'Favorable Recommendation' received: May 2, 2014


USCIS I-797c receipt received: May 5, 2014


Final waiver received at my apartment: May 21, 2014


I have created a blog explaining each step in details well. Please see it at http://chemgc205.tumblr (dot) com/

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