Can I shift job immediately after H1-B approval or should I wait till October 1st


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Hi Murthy,


I am currently in OPT(Optional Practical Training)  F1-Student visa and my H1-B was approved by USCIS a week ago. I am in a dilemma as to weather it is safe/possible to move jobs before oct 1st. Is the H1-B porting from OPT/EAD different when compared to porting if one is are already on H1-B.  


a.) Is it possible for the new company to initiate my H1-B transfer even before Oct-1st . I want to make sure the transfer happens on Oct-1st so that my status remains valid.


b.) Will my OPT (F-1) status change to H1-B on Oct-1st only if I am employed with a company or will it remain in OPT if I remain unemployed on Oct-1st?







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