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I received my I-129 receipt recently. However, a request for evidence/ additional information was sent recently in order to process my form. There were two querries, 1st - Job title mentioned in the LCA requires license, however, the job description does not require a license to perform duties. Hence, the USCIS have asked to submit ETA 9035 or ETA 9035E to change the job title to reflect job description. Can I re-file/ resubmit an the LCA this year to reflect this change? I strongly feel that the LCA was filed for wrong occupational speciality to begin with. If so what other corrective action can be taken?


2nd - Show the License or get a letter from the licensing authority stating that I do not need the necessary license to perform my job duties. Even if I manage to get this letter, what are the chances that my petition will be approved? 

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