TN govt not accepting NORI form need help.Urgent!


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Hi All,


I finished my J-1(first one) in April and returned to India. Now, i am trying to apply for a waiver. Tamil Nadu home department and Chennai passport authorities are not accepting my NORI form saying that they accept only those that come from the Indian consulates in the US (for those with valid visa). They are saying its unprecedented and are asking for proof or some rule. They want me to provide a case number of a previous such applicant and then they will issue it if its done before!


1) If anyone on this forum has been successful in applying to TN govt, residing in India, can you please help? 

2) Has anyone else run into the same problem? Can we get a letter from MHRD or MEA for the same?


Please help as i have found officers who are willing to do it, but need proof and old documents!

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