wife on h1, husband on b1/b2


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travelling to US, wife on h1, husband on b1/b2(not for business purpose, but just to accompany wife). how is it viewed? what could be the possible scenarios at port of entry.

H4. That's the best option you got.

Cannot use B1, and on B2 you can stay only for 6 months( or less).

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thanks for all the replies.


so, can i take it as if husband travels for only 3 months and has return tickets also booked, can wife n husband travel together? does it sound okay?

As everyone mentioned let your spouse travel on H4. You guys can travel together. A return ticket is not required for H4.

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thanks NinetyFive. oh! so, wife with h1, husband with tourist b1/b2, can travel together! i was having doubts for this all the while.

what kind of documents are required for this case. since he would be planning to stay for 3 month . Earlier on B1 he has stayed for a month or less.

He can be on B2, not B1. Almost, every B1 or B2 visa approval results in a B1/B2 visa. So, it can be used for either B1 (business) or B2 (Travel). Since, its a travel, your husband should enter on B2.

To enter with B2, you should have enough funds to stay in the US, a place to stay, some places to see and a valid return ticket.

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