AP-comboCard -Middle inital instead of Middle name


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We are planning a trip out of country. I applied for 2 year combo EAD- AP card in 2013. On the card, my first name and last name is correct ( matches against the passport). But my middle name is printed as a initial.I raised as SR# with the DHS & they sent me an email that they have the correct name on the system.

Any concerns?...Are there any issues at the airport( ticketing,immigration ) at India? How can i get this corrected? Should i re-apply for the AP alone? Infopass appointment? Planning a travel this summer..

For instance:
First name : Tom ( is correct)
Last name : Harry ( is correct)
Middle Name: Jack ( Only "J" is on the combo card).

If i have to apply again ... Can i apply for the AP ONLY? or again for 2 year EAD-AP combo? Should send the card in original back to DHS ? --- would a photocopy do?. Paying one more time $360 is not an issue, as there are other important priorities in life. Any way to expediate this AP process?

Thanks In advance
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