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Folks, I just graduated from a 1-year mid-career Masters of Arts program in International Relations at a top ranked US school. While I have a degree in International Relations I took mostly business courses at a business school I could cross-register at.


I'm currently back in India since I did not qualify for post-completion OPT (I had initially enrolled in a 2-year Masters program in 2010 but took leave-of-absence after 1 semester, returned to India and then transferred to the 1-year program at the same school in 2013).


Thankfully I run a small business in India and haven't taken on debt to fund my studies. Now that I have completed the program, I am plotting my next move... 


One of the options I'm considering is to somehow find an H1B sponsor next year and return to the US. Just wanted to ask

-- I would qualify to apply under the Masters cap, wouldn't I?

-- How difficult is it for a non-techie to land an H1B? Is it just a matter of finding a sponsor and hoping I get lucky in the lottery?

-- Should I apply directly to companies or approach "consultants"?


Thanks for reading. I'm really naive when it comes to H1B matters :) Look forward to your insights. Cheers!





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OP is weasel wording his situation.


What does that mean ? @OP -  Money, education, great jobs and quality of life are the usual reasons for people to come to the US. It seems that your business is doing well, well enough to fund an expensive education in the US. So money would not be a problem. So, I assume that money and quality of life are not your motivation. You got the education part. Are you looking for a job then ? If not, then you probably don't want to be doing the small business. If its none of these reasons, then please tell us what it is. I'd really like to hear about this.

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What does that mean ?

It means that the OP didn't answer the questions how his business was run and who was running it while he was in the US. Instead the OP used some meaningless "pointy-haired boss" buzzwords (read the Dilbert cartoons for the reference), which may describe the program he was enrolled in, but doesn't address the issue we asked about.

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I ran the business online. It involves brokering deals and my location does not matter. I'm the adventurous type...all about new experiences and other BS. I've been running the business for over a decade and would like to move on in life and try new things. So, I'm exploring my options now that I have a master's degree.

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