Can I start studying in H4 extension/F1 COS processing phase?

Shruti Murthy

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I'm currently on a H-4 dependent visa. As I plan to study here in US,  I have a question regarding F-1 visa; appreciate if someone can answer it.


Background -


This August 11, I will be starting my full time MBA program here in US. Although I can study in H-4 visa, for obvious benefits I plan to switch to F-1 student visa. I understand that there are two ways to go about this H-4 to F-1 conversion and I am thinking of the COS (Change of Status) route.


There is a small hitch though. My spouse's H-1 visa is valid till this August 8 and hence my H-4 visa as well. So his employer will shortly be applying for H-1B extension and my H-4 extension too. Meanwhile I am planning to switch to F-1 COS, which I understand takes anywhere between 2 to 5 months to be approved. 


Question -


1. When I start my school this August, in case my F-1 COS is still under process with no approval and if my H-4 extension also under process but with no approval, then will I be in hot waters? Or can I still go ahead with my schooling?


Appreciate if someone can help me address my concern.

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