Successful stamping at Vancouver, CA


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Hello everyone,



I wanted to share my VISA experience with everyone in the forum. I attended the VISA interview at Vancouver, CA on May-14-2014. The officer asked the following questions.


VO: Good morning.

ME; Good morning sir.


VO: Is this your first H1B?

ME: This is my H1B extension.


VO: I need your Client letter, Vendor letter, Last 6 months paystubs, LCA and drivers license.

ME: I gave the bounded documents to him. He just skimmed through my LCA.


VO: Are you working at ****** location?

ME: Yes sir. (He verified the drivers license)


VO: How much you are paid?

ME: ****** per month. He then looked into my paystubs. (I have also provided the bank statements highlighting the direct deposits)


VO: So, you have done your masters right?

ME: Yes sir. Graduated in ***** university in computer science specialization.


VO: Sorry, our systems are little slow here. 


VO: Handed over a booklet which gives the information employee rights and then said, Your VISA got approved and you can collect your passport in 3-5 business days from the selected Loomis location.

ME: Thank you sir. :-)




Thats all folks. The interview is over in just 2, 3 minutes. Just be confident.



The things i have noticed at Vancouver:

1) You can bring your electronics to Vancouver. They will store your electronics and assign you a token number. No need to leave all the belongings at the hotel. :-)

2) Please check the national holidays of Canada before you book the VISA slot. May 19th is National holiday. So, If i don't get the passport today, I have to wait another 3 days at canada to have the passport. :-)




All the best and good luck.








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Hi Srikanth,


Iam going for visa stamping at Vancouver next week,i need ur suggestion on this.


I do not have driver licence ,and my state Id is taken in other place from my client location(my fiance lives there so i have all my address given there) ,will that me a problem?,i saw u said he verified ur id from where u work.Please give me some suggestion 

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