RFE on H1 for CPT


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My friend got a RFE asking for the verification of addresses and Status. 

1) Currently she is on CPT and her current address and the client location address are in the same state where as her 
employer address on the CPT I20 is of different state and all her pay stubs are run on the current address where she 

2) She was on OPT and her OPT period was expired around in the month of June and her CPT period started from the month 
of September. In this situation her pay check was not run but just a concern if she still has any problems of out of 

Please advice accordingly ASAP..!! 

Thanks in Advance..!!

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So this 'friend' of your's is working on CPT since last September with the whole 'employer' and 'client' model, plus different cities, etc.? Wow! Haven't you guys been reading anything on this forum?


Sounds like abuse of CPT. Not sure how else to put it other than how JoeF put it.

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