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I would appreciate it greatly if you can let me know how to handle this scenario.


My visa from Employer A is valid till 4/2015.

Changed my employer in Jul 2013. I-797 is valid till 05/2016.


The LCA with the new employer shows work location as "Chicago".

Job type is traveling. Travel is from home North Carolina to Minneapolis.

Sometimes have to work from home as well.


Since I travel and work from Minneapolis for not more than 4 days consecutively, I believe we do not need LCA for Minneapolis location. Question is about whether I need to have LCA for working from home in NC.


Also, I am planning to travel to India during 2nd week of May. I believe I do not need go for visa stamping since the visa from previous employer is valid till 04/2015 and I have an approved I-797. Will they ask for LCA at Port of Entry?


I am traveling to NC and LCA work location has Chicago in it. Since I have a traveling job, can I tell the officer that I travel from NC to Client Location and that is why I am traveling to NC and not Chicago?


Your responses will be greatly appreciated.

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