H1-B Visa Issued - Toronto


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Thanks for the forum. I got to know some good tips with the help of this forum for my visa   interview.


My visa apt was on 5th May and my Status was changed to 'Issued' on 8th May. Now how long consulate will take to deliver my passport to loomis. I picked Brampton, since it is the main branch in Ontario. 


I was expecting notification today to pick my passport. Still waiting.....


Can some one please share your experience, on how long the counselor take time to deliver my docs.


I will post my interview experience in my next post  

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My Experience


I drove from NJ to Toronto. 10 Hrs drive. I crossed the border earlier than I expected. At the border she just asked why I am visiting Canada.


Visa Interview

My Interview was at 10AM. Surprised to see very few. I was not serious about my latest photograph. Took almost a year back photographs. When the lady said if the photograph is found old, visa processing will be delayed. So I decided to take the photographs at the booth available inside the consulate. Thank God.


After my finger prints, I was immediately asked to go the counter for interview.

Below questions where asked to me


About the Employer and business?

About Client and Project? (VO was aware of the client, so she was vey enthusiastic knowing  about my client and project)

Filed for GC? and requested to show my 140 approval (Good that I had the copy)

Recent W2

Duration of stay in US?

Duration with the Employer?

Duration with Client? 

Any working Gap in last 1 year?


Once she reviewed my W2, she just gave me the white slip. She told my petition details are not available in they system and would delay in getting my passport. I was not aware of picking my passport at the cosulate, else I might have requested if I can pick at the consulate.


My Status changed to Issued on 7th May and still waiting for a notification from loomis for pick up. 

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I tried this option too. I requested if I can come and pick my passport at consulate. No Luck. I just need to wait for the email.

Even I called loomis, for them to track or deliver passport, only option is WAY bill number or reference id. Unfortunately the option for me to wait.

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