H1b -weird problem


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I am in currently L1 Blanket VISA, staying in US right now. My L1-B visa is valid till 12th April 2015 and I-94 valid till 26th May 2015. 


I had requested my current employer to apply H1B for me. He accepted and was doing all the process. Suddenly at last minute due to LCA issues(mismatch in the designation) he said he could not apply for me.


Mean time I had applied for H1b through a consultancy outside. Consultancy guy said he has applied for me and we are still waiting for the results(Don't know how it would turn into)


I have a 6 years old dependent son  who is in L2 right now staying with me.


Yesterday we had received a letter from USCIS,I797C Notice of Action which shows as below.


Receipt Number - EAC-**-***-*****

Received Date - April 10th 

Notice Date - April 30th

Case Type - I539 Application to extend/change nonimmigrant status

Applicant Name - It is showing our 6 years old son's name

Notice Type -Receipt Notice

Amount Received - $290

Class Requested - H1B


My questions are 


1.How come a 6 years old boy can be requested for H1B? Or is it any typo error?

2.When I asked my outside consultancy, they told "We have not applied for your son.We have done only for you and we have not got the results yet”. Our current employer also says he has not applied for us. How to know the petitioner?

3.Does this notice mean I am selected in the lottery and I have got letter from USCIS for my son's extension? 

4.Is it possible to apply for a dependent’s extension without applying for the main candidate?

5.We have called USCIS and they have taken the service request and they have told it will take 15 days for them to look into the issue.


Mean time if any one has any clue, please help me .


Already I posed this question y/day. But I don't know why it did not come in the forum. Please publish and help me.


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