7th year extension with new employer:

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Arrived US - June 5th - 2008

1) My employer applied my Green card on Feb -2013

2) Dec 2013 - the labor perm was denied

3) Jan 1st week , applied in BALCA 

4) Jan 3rd week applied 2nd labor

5) May month applied for the 7th year extension(based on the balca labor) and got the approval (till June 2015)


current status: Both the labor are in pending status.


My employer gave me only the H1b extension (i-797) copy. I don't have any documents related to labor.


now if I move to new employer, does this give any problem?

does this give any problem  while h1b transfer or green card process in the new employer?


(the reason i want to move from employer is : he doesn't have any direct client and marketting is not good and main important is 

all green card petition- labor as well as 140 goes RFE and denied status)




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