J1 hardship waiver application processing times (Form DS3035 online status)


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I have submitted form DS3035 to the State department more than 1 month and a half ago and I still have not been able to access my application status online.

My question is not about the case decision, as I understand that the processing times are long for this case, but I am just curious about when can I access my case application on the electronic system. As stated in the form filling instructions, the applicant “should allow approximately 1 month from the date all supporting documents were submitted before checking status online.”

Does “ all supporting documents” include the USCIS decision form (Form I-613)? This question leads to the main issue about the processing times. As you know, the J-1 waiver processes is a two-fold process: the USCIS I-612 form and the State department DS3035 form. Per the filling instructions, the expected processing times for the waiver process is 3 to 4 months. Then, Does each form have a separate 3 to 4 months processing time? And if so, does this mean that the DS3035 will not post the application material online until the USCIS forward its decision.


P.S. It will be of a great help if there is any one who can share an application timeline.


Thank you,

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