I-94 expiry


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My employer (company A) filed for my H1-B extension and it got approved in 2013. The approval notice dated june 2013 has an I-94 card which was valid from 10/2013 -10/2016. I had to travel internationally for work in July 2013 and when i presented the new I-797 to the CBP, they refused to enter the dates in the I-797 on my I-94 since it was not valid until October and so the i-94 that they gave me had an expriry date of Nov 5,2013. I was under the impression that since I have valid I-797 with an I-94, i am okay to stay. Now i am looking to move jobs and company B is doing my H1 transfer and this issue has come up. What are my options to get this corrected?

a. Can i go to CBP office and get the dates fixed on I-94?

b. If i do get the dates fixed, and if i have to travel internationally for work again, is there a risk of being subject to the 3 year bar?



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