Canada Visitor Visa - sending passport to consulate


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Thanks to forum/people participated here, very usefull/helpfull.


I have canada visitor visa on April 15th Online and received message, asking me to send original passport and I'm thinking of sending it to new york office.


What is best secure way of sending it? help is very much appreciated.



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You can go to usps (only) and ask for express priority mail. It is safe to send the return envelope as well along with the passport, so that you can keep tracking of it once they mail your passport back. If you fail to send the return envelope they will send your passport in first class mail which you cant track it. Make sure to note down the tracking number for the return envelope and dont forget to send the letter along with passport which you received in your message box.

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I sent my wife's passport thru USPS, we got her passport back as well, it took 1 week exactly since we sent passport and we received passport.

 Just got a message requesting my passport. I see NY and LA office.

NY - 1251 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10020

LA -  550 South Hope Street, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071


What office did you guys sent your passport at?



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Once you receive request to send your passport then please follow the below steps.


Below are documents you need to send to VAC(Visa Application Center) LA


1.       Applicant Passport

2.       Letter from CIC requesting you to submit passport

3.       If you did not send your passport to consulate, you can ignore this step. Since you also said sent your passport previously to consulate, I hope they must have sent a letter saying that you need to submit through VAC, so need to keep this copy of letter also.

4.       VAC consent form – Just this form alone, just take print out and sign it. You can find this in the documents list.

5.       VAC Fees for $34.10 .  It should be bank draft or cashier’s check. You need to send this original copy to Utah. In the website they have given the Utah address. Since this is PO box address you can send only through USPS.

6.       Photo Copy of the above draft\cashier’s check to VAC

7.       Your contact details like, Name, address, phone, email address. Don’t forgot to mention your email address. Once VAC submit the passport to consulate they will send tracking number to your email address. Just type all these details in word and take print out.

8.       Return pre paid envelop. This can be any courier services like Fedex, usps, etc


Other than the original copy of the Bank draft\cashiers check all other documents and passport need to be sent to VAC-LA address and just only the fee need to be sent to Utah address. They said no need to send any other documents while sending the payment to Utah.



Here is the contact no: 646 741 0130, agents are available from 9am to 5pm and they are very responsive.



     Check list for VAC:

·          Applicant Passport

·          Letter from CIC requesting you to submit passport

·          VAC consent form (Find it here: ).

·          Photo Copy of the above draft\cashier’s check or you can scan it and print it.

·         Your contact details like, Name, address, phone, email address type it in word and print it.

·         Return pre-paid envelop with from and to address.

Send the above check list to

Canadian Visa Application Centre – Los Angeles
2100 E. Grand Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245 U.S.A.


Take the draft\cashier’s check for $34.10 which is VAC fees pay to the order of CSC Consular Services Inc.

Important: Send this only draft\cashier’s check to below address

The fees can be paid by bank draft, cashier’s cheque, certified cheque, or money order directed to CSC Consular Services Inc. Your payment (draft, check, etc.) must be sent to the following lockbox NOTE: do not send your application or any supporting documents to the lockbox; only mail your payment.


Payments for Visa Application Centre in Los Angeles:
CSC Consular Services Inc
P.O. Box 410039
Salt Lake City, Utah 84141-0039


Reference link: Here is the main link. You can navigate using side panel links. Go to application procession and scroll down it has step by step approach.

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Can someone tell me do we need to submit all these ? or just sending passport & CIC approved letter to new york consulate is enough?


Do we need to go thru VAC?

I believe just the approved letter and  passport to new york consulate is enough. I have sent mine overnight express with prepaid express envelop. Will let you know if there is any problem.


Thanks @Sammer @Ash.


@Ram I have applied on 15 April and I'm sending it to NY office


@NYWarrior, have you already sent yours? Let me know if you receive any updates. I will also do the same. 

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Hello ,


I am in the process of applying the canada tourist visa ..can some one please help me with the following questions


Info :Starting Feburary I see that they started giving multiple entry for the tourist visa


1) For purpose of vist : I mentioned other and typed in "H1b stamping and tourisim " is it okay or we need to just say tourist visa?


2) Do I need to upload the I-797 A ?..I have a scanned copy of I-797c and still waiting for my original ?


3) Is employment reference letter and employment agreement letter are same ?


4)I am planning to go to calgary for stamping and mentioned same in the application but if I do not get a appointment slot 

and make it to a differnt consualte this going to be an issue when I land in canada and immi officers asks my appoinment copy?


5) I got a letter from my bank for the amount of funds availble for the last 3 months in a single letter .Do I need to still put in monthly statements?


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Since i was hesitent of this newly established only process i decided to personaly visit VAC in NYC.


FYI - i have visited Canada 3 times till now with single entry visa .


I personally visited the VAC in NYC today and handed over all the documents. The VAC in NYC opens only on wednesdays between 8.30 to 10.30 . They are pretty strict on documents. The Canadian   guard outside the vac office does not let you enter if you  are missing any docs.


I had  to get a money order certified check of 90$ and a prepaid USPS priority envelope(no other fedex,etc) only with a 19.99$ STAMP. I saw many people with 5$ stamp on envelope were rejected and asked to get 19.99$ stamp.


Once the gaurd verified all my docs i was given a  ticket and requested to sit in the waiting room. Then as soon as my ticket number was called i went will all documents at window 2 where everything was verified  and then I was told that if approved you will get passport back between 7-20 days in the same prepaid envelope which they collected.


Hope this helps.

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I believe just the approved letter and  passport to new york consulate is enough. I have sent mine overnight express with prepaid express envelop. Will let you know if there is any problem.



@NYWarrior, have you already sent yours? Let me know if you receive any updates. I will also do the same. 


I have sent it to NY office and got response in 5 days and received passport on Saturday.

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Can someone please confirm whether we need to send money order to Utah P.O. Box and passport and other documents to LA VAC or just send passport and other documents to LA VAC?


I've received request letter from CIC to submit your passport to the Visa Office. I'm not sure about the next step. The VAC website is confusing.



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