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Hi all,


I came to the USA in Jan of 2012 on M-1 to attend an advertising portfolio school. I graduated in Dec 2013. My OPT got approved shortly after and it's valid until July 2014. I'm currently an intern at an advertising agency and I have a few questions:


1. Can an OPT on M-1 be extended?


2. If not, and in the event that my current employeer wants to hire me full time, can my employeer sponsor a work visa? If so, what type?


Don't know if this affects anything, but I should add that I've never been denied a visa and also hold a B-1.




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This is not a technical field so no OPT extension. The employer would need to file in April 2015 for Oct 2015 start. You would have to leave the US until Oct. There are other visas available for the exceptionally qualified but very, very few people qualify.

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