RFE for pending 485


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Got RFE in mail for pending 485 since march 2012.


Approved EB2 with priority date oct 2009

2013 changed job from company A (petitioned 140) to company B , notified USCIS per AC21.

2014 changed job from company B to company C , notified USCIS per AC21 , got RFE on April 30 2014 , notice sent to company B attorney for employment letter . When I contacted company C law firm they don't want to address since it was for company B law firm. Now since I don't work for company B , law firm will not assist in that matter.

RFE states:

You must submit a currently dated letter from your intended permanent employer, describing your job duties and position in organization with employment began date and salary or wages offered. This letter should be original and on company letter head signed by executive who is authorized and is able to confirm permanent employment. This letter must also

Indicate whether the terms and condition of your employment based via petition (or labor certification) continue to exit.

The letter you submitted was a photocopy with a photocopied signature and does not include company letter head.

Q1) my company B has sent letter without letterhead, now since I don't work for that company can I send letter from my company C

Q2) since I have notified USCIS During job change from company B to company C with Ac21 , should I send the same letter and information?

Q3) what could be reason to send RFE to company B attorney ?

Please provide information in above matter from your experience , if anyone had been in similar kind of situation .

Thank you

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  • 1 month later...

For update in above matter :

Sent RFE response , uscis status updated to received RFE response on June 5th, on

June 16th case status changed to initial review for me and my wife cases.

On June 17 , case status updated to RFE for me and my wife, I waiting for details about RFE

Is it usual situation , has anyone experienced similar situation...

My PD is oct 09 , is it the dates will go that far for EB2 india by end of this fiscal year

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