Successful visa stamping @ Toronto


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Hello Everyone,


  I had an US Visa interview today, May 5th, at Toronto consulate. I'm working as FTE.


Background:5th H-1B extension. Last 2 stamping at Matamoros, MX. Before that in Toronto and prior to that in Indian


  • Drove to Toronto from Pennsylvania on May 4th, took rental car. I would recommend the same if you are planning to drive. It took 30 mins to cross Canadian border since lot of cars ahead of me.
  •  Canadian Border security office asked me the purpose of the travel and didn’t understand when I said going for US Visa stamping. She asked what you mean. Since I’m already coming from US. Explained in detail.
  • Booked Hotel near airport, Residence Inn extended stay. This hotel has kitchen and utensils. Free breakfast, Evening social (kind of dinner). I stayed here last time too.
  • Did Dry run to US consulate on that day evening and checked parking area, any construction etc.


Next day, left hotel around 8.30 to allow sometime for traffic. Glad I did that as it took 45 mins to reach consulate with morning commute.


 Interview was at 10.00 AM. Parked car near the consulate (there are may more parking area available) and reached consulate around 9.20 am. Stood in line for 15-20 mins. Security allowed me to enter around 9.50. They allow only few people at a time.


 Finished security check after entering into the building. No electronics what so ever. They allow car key, valet, coins.


             After the security check, walked straight to a lady who collected DS160 and passport, put in a blue folder and handed over to me.


  • Entered thru' door & stood in line, 2nd person. There are 4 counters where you will be called in order. Went to counter 1, she asked me the blue folder and I-797. She gave "right to know" document and asked me to read the document later. She asked my US visa (since she couldnt find one in my new passport) which was stamped on my old passport. She wrote “PIMS – “ on DS160 confirmation page. Asked her do you find my petition in PIMS, she replied that’s what I’m trying to look. I was little concerned. But after few seconds she replied PIMS is ok. She was smiling and answering all the time.


  • She asked me to go to counter 9 or 10 for finger printing. Counter 10 was free and I was called for finger print and passport check. After that they gave me a token number.


  • As soon as I came to take seat, they called my number even before I checked my token number. I was busy in keeping the documents in file. Once I checked my token number I went to the counter, I think 2nd or 3rd counter. VO was American in early 30s or late 20s.



VO: Good morning

Me: Good morning and handed over the file

VO: are you working with ABC Company?

Me: Yes

VO: how long you are with ABC?

Me: NNN years


VO: Asked salary

VO: what you do for ABC

Me: Just said my job title. I was looking at his face and guessed he was ok with it. So didn’t elaborate.


VO: Is it your 1st H1-B
me: No, probably 4th or 5th


VO: How long you are in US
me: since 8 years


VO: Did you stay out of US during your H1 period?
Me: no


VO: Did you apply for Green card?
me: No, however employer filed for Immigration petition. My answer confused VO seems like


VO: Then when did you file GC.
me: I have not filed GC yet however employer filed I-140.


VO: The how come you are staying more than 6 years without applying for GC.
me: explained that with approved I-140, one can stay beyond 6 years. But from his expression I understood that he was not clear or convinced. After brief pause, I asked him do you want to see the approved I-140


Vo: yes please
me: shown copy of i-140


Vo: He shown to the lady in next counter and asked about this situation. She replied yes this is sufficient to get extension beyond 6 years


Me: so are you ok with that document.

vo: yes and he was typing something


VO: Whats your highest level of education

VO: Are you staying with you family in US?

VO: where are staying?

VO: again he asked for salary?

VO: Then he said I’m approving your Visa.

Me: Thanks so much.


VO: When are you planning to go back to US?

Me: As soon as I get my passport


VO: you have a pick location at so so Loomis branch. Do you prefer to pick in in consulate

Me: I would rather pick it here if possible. (I was thinking to ask this, glad he gave me that option)

VO: gave me passport pick up slip and told me to come back on Wednesday between 3-4 PM to pick up the passport.


I would recommend bringing I-140 copy if you are close to 6 years of ur H1B period. Dress formally. Some ppl came in Jeans.


From the time I entered consulate, everything moved so quickly and came out by 10.15. It was empty inside the consulate. It was pleasant experience.


Don’t read too much into forum experience especially for Toronto consulate. I read lots 221g cases for Toronto but it didn’t appear like that while I was there. I was really scared after reading those 221g entries.


Be confident and answer up to the point. Prepare all the answer related to your job and situation. I wish I could have given better answer when asked abt staying more than 6 years.


Take all the documents which you think may come handy and organize them in different folder.


I referred below links****-graduates/



Thanks everyone for sharing their experience and it helped me a lot.




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Thank you for the detailed info about your visa stamping process. I am in a similar situation where i am close to end of 6 years of my H1b period and am waiting for my i-140 approval. Is it ok to go for approval without the i-140 approval?


Please advice

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Thank you for the detailed info about your visa stamping process. I am in a similar situation where i am close to end of 6 years of my H1b period and am waiting for my i-140 approval. Is it ok to go for approval without the i-140 approval?


Please advice

Get the receipt notice of I-140 application and carry that with you for the interview.

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May 5: Interview, online status changed to "Administration Processing"

May 6: By 1.00 PM status changed to "Issued". I went to consulate to check if my PP was ready. But they told me to come on May 7th as mentioned in the red slip which was given to me during the interview.

May 7: Collected PP around 3.00 PM from consulate and crossed border.

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1.If you get a chance, can you give me heads-up reg parking near by US Consulate, is it kinda easy to get a spot/any parking lots near by..etc?

2.Whats your port of entry @Canada? 

As I'm also driving from PA, what will you recommend: Peace Bridge or Niagara Falls/Rainbow bridge?



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