H1B stamping done chennai


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8:00 am appointment in Chennai..


Joined the line at 7am. Came out of Consulate by 8:30am. It is 90 minutes in total


Everything went so fast once i entered the consulate. The delay was only in the line and it was raining and the line moved slow. Otherwise it would have been done faster than that.


There are about 10 counters operating. They are not taking more than 5 minutes for any kind of visa.


The VO is a young american woman and she is very friendly. She approved an L1 Visa ahead of me and i felt very optimistic.


VO: Which company do you work for

Me: Answered


VO: How long you been with this company?

Me: Close to 3 years


VO: What does this company do?

Me: IT Solution provider


VO: Do you work at client site?

Me: Yes


VO: Who is the client?

Me: Answered


VO: What is your salary?

Me: Answered


VO: Do you have most recent W2 Form

Me: Handed it over. She checked and gave it back


Then she asked me I797 and took a photo copy and gave back my original


Then came the golden words. Your visa is approved. She didnt ask for anything else like vendor letter, client letter I 129 or anything else..


All in all it took less than 3 minutes.


I know it is a risky decision to come to India for stamping instead of Canada or Jamaica. Guess i got lucky and saved some $$$.


All the best everyone




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