Annual Income limits for Green Card Approval - Please suggest

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Good Morning. My H1-B is sponsored by a small consulting company whose total employees are 4. Through this company, my I-140 is already been approved and waiting for my priority date to file for 485.


I am not sure if there is a minimum limit on the Annual Net / Gross income for a consultancy to get a green card approved. My consulting company's income and other details are below.


I would like to continue through this consulting company till I get my green card. Please let me know if my consulting company's income can be an issue for my green card's approval.



Consultancy Established: 2007

Number of Employees: 4
Consultancy Gross Annual Income: $490,000
Consultancy Net Annual Income: $54,000
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I am not clear on what you say. My only concern is if there is a minimum annual incomes that a consulting company should get to sponsor Green Card. If so, is my company's incomes meet that number?

You get a salary, right?

The employer ALWAYS needs to have the ability to pay your salary, and the salary of all the other people in the company on H1 or other work statuses.

There is no fixed number. That's not how a business works.

An employer sells things or services, and gets money from that. They pay taxes on their income. They file tax returns with IRS, just like you file tax returns. As part of the GC application, they have to submit copies of their tax returns showing that they have enough income to pay their employees.

If the employer is unclear on how this whole immigration stuff works, they should consult with an immigration lawyer.

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